Guacamole Flight

I am completely in love with guacamole. It's bordering on an obsession. Any occasion is an excuse to make a giant bowl of quac. Superbowl? Friends coming for dinner? Cinco de Mayo? In our house, guac is made with frightening frequency.

Although we make a lot of guacamole and experiment with different variations, my mind was blown recently with a really fun and interesting guac idea that would be a blast for a Superbowl party: a guacamole flight! So simple, and yet so genius. We were in Santa Fe to hike (and to eat good food!) this past summer and went for happy hour at Agave Lounge, where we had some really nice margaritas and a guacamole flight with three different variations: one sweet with pomegranate arils, one salty with pickled veggies, and one spicy with jalapeno. It was a great idea to play with different variations on the same dish, and we've had fun recreating this concept with our own twists.

The guacamole flight is really adaptable. It would be a fun date night idea, great for a picnic, or perfect for a party. Use just a couple avocados or a bunch of them, and make as many different guacamoles as you want. Be inventive and come up with fun and unexpected flavor combinations.

Here, I've done a flight based on three different places we've traveled recently. I tried to achieve a balance of flavors in each guac individually so that they can stand alone, but also have some common flavors so that the three seem related. I chose flavors that remind me of these places, the produce that grows there, and the food we ate while we were there. My three guacamoles are:

Florence, Italy. We loved going to the outdoor markets, then cooking every night with all the beautiful produce we bought. To represent Florence, I used lemon juice, thinly sliced multi-colored cherry tomatoes, a tiny bit of grated garlic, salt, and pepper in the guac. Then I garnished with toasted pine nuts, more tomato slices, a couple dollops of pesto, and a lemon slice.

Santa Fe, New Mexico. We did some awesome hiking around Santa Fe, and had a blast exploring the desert landscape. To represent Santa Fe, I made the guac with lime juice, fire-roasted poblano, salt, and mild green chile powder that we got at the Santa Fe farmers' market. Then I garnished with cilantro, roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds), and a ring of charred pepper.

Mexico City, Mexico. What an amazing, vibrant city. We saw mangoes (on a stick, ready to eat, dusted with lime zest and chili powder) for sale everywhere on the streets. To represent Mexico City, I used lime juice, medium-heat chili powder, diced mango, and salt in the guac. Then I garnished with cilantro, a few more mango pieces, and a lime slice.

There are so many ways to interpret the idea of a guacamole flight. Capitalize on iconic ingredients or famous flavor profiles to represent different places or ideas. A few possibilities for themes:

Travel. As I did here, make a few different guacamoles to represent places you've been or places you want to go.
Home states. Make different guacamoles inspired by the home states or home cities of your guests.
Teams. Game day? Make dueling guacamoles to represent the teams that are playing (or, during the Olypmpics or World Cup, the countries you're cheering for).
Seasons. Make guacamoles inspired by winter, spring, summer, and fall for a quadruplet of tasty dips.
Flavors. Different guacamoles can highlight different flavors like sweet, salty, tart, or spicy.

Clearly, the moral of the story is that every occasion calls for guacamole! Be creative and think outside the box. And of course, there's always the possibility of pairing your flight (or each element of the flight!) with your favorite tequila(s)...

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