Glazed Carrot and Citrus Salad

Citrus season is here! Let's celebrate it with this brightly-colored, fresh, and juicy Glazed Carrot and Citrus Salad.

For this recipe, I'm very happy to be partnering with Johanna Setta, a Certified Nutrition Consultant and creator of WELL + FED. Johanna works one-on-one with clients to find the whole food based nutrition plan that is right for your specific needs, with special attention to seasonal and organic foods, while staying within your budget and not making the kitchen feel complicated. To learn more about working with Johanna, you can check out her website here, or follow her Instagram @WellAndFed. Interested in booking a free 30-minute strategy session to kick off the new year? Contact Johanna at

Johanna and I wanted to work together on citrus in particular because it's currently in season in Kaua'i, Hawaii, where we've both spent considerable time. (And it's in season in lots of other places right now as well!). The citrus from Kaua'i amazing. Enormous lumpy pomelos, super-tart grapefruits, sweet navel and Cara Cara oranges, the most juicy tangerines, sour kaffir limes, sour-sweet meyer lemons, and even tiny kumquats. The farmers markets there are loaded with citrus, and we both have eaten (and cooked with, and juiced) huge amounts of citrus while on Kaua'i.

We're excited to bring you this citrus salad because it's both delicious and nutritious, loaded with veggies and fruits, packed with cold- and flu-fighting Vitamin C, and customizable to fit most dietary needs.

Here's what Johanna has to say about the magic of citrus:

"While all Citrus is rich in Vitamin C, there are other health benefits that differ within the many citrus varieties. Grapefruit are actually quite rich in A, C, and E, which all support your immune system. They are also rich in antioxidants, even the peels! When making this salad, you might save the peels to bake with, or throw them in some water in the fridge to create “spa water”. Perhaps you jumped on the hot lemon water trend and have noticed your skin has a bit of a glow? You might be able to thank your Citrus for that! When cooking, acid can act as a tenderizer and help balance flavor. Even within the Lime family, there are many types, so you will never get bored when you are cooking with citrus! If you are somewhere with less sun than Kaua’i, what better way to brighten your plate and mood than with some citrus? Let us know what your favorite Citrus is this winter by using the hashtags #theroguebrusselsprout and #wellandfed on social media."

To make this salad, you'll start by cutting up your citrus and reserving some of the juice. Then you'll cook the carrots, caramelizing them in the naturally-sweet citrus juice for that beautiful brown surface. Finish it off with sprouts and pistachios, and you have yourself a very simple and yet very special salad.

One of the great things about this salad is its versatility. It could easily be a side dish, a bunch dish, or even a holiday dish. Want to make it a meal? Add a bed of your favorite whole grain (quinoa would be delicious!) underneath, and top it with your grilled protein of choice. You can use whatever combination of citrus fruits you love, and can easily swap based on preferences or dietary restrictions (for example, almonds instead of pistachios).

The version of the salad shown here makes use of some of our favorites: white grapefruit, pink grapefruit, navel orange, blood orange, and kumquats. The grapefruits are sour, the navel orange is sweet, the blood orange is sweet but a bit more earthy, and the kumquats are tart (and oh so adorable). There are both yellow and orange carrots, for additional color. But you should use whatever combination you love, and make this salad your own.

Wishing you a fresh, juicy, and healthy Citrus Season!

Please share your creation so we can see how you've interpreted the concept! Tag "The Rogue Brussel Sprout" on Facebook or hashtag #theroguebrusselsprout and #wellandfed on Instagram.

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Thoughts About Ingredients
(These are all just suggestions, since rogue is more fun than recipe)
  • 3-5 citrus fruits of mixed type. Anything you love! Options include various oranges, red or white grapefruits, pomelo, and kumquats.
  • 3-4 large carrots. If you can find them, a mixture of orange, yellow, and/or purple carrots would be so pretty. Opt for the largest ones you can find, since you'll be cutting them into medallions.
  • Oil of choice for cooking
  • Generous sprinkle of cumin. Optional, but it gives this salad some depth and helps offset the sweetness of the citrus.
  • Salt and pepper
  • Large handful of mixed sprouts. Sunflower sprouts? Radish sprouts? Whatever you can find is great.
  • Handful of roasted, shelled pistachios. Almonds would also be delightful here, or perhaps a mixture of the two.
Thoughts About Method
(These are all just suggestions, be creative and make it yours)
  1. For each piece of citrus (other than kumquats), cut the top and bottom off. Then, using a sharp, serrated knife, cut off the peel in strips from top to bottom (see the fourth photo, above).
  2. After removing the peels, take each citrus fruit and cut it into quarter-inch slices. Save any juice that accumulates, since you'll use it to glaze the carrots. Remove seeds as you encounter them.
  3. (If you choose to use kumquats, they're easy because you can eat the peels! Just slice them very thinly and remove any large seeds).
  4. Choose your least pretty citrus slices (usually the end pieces) and squeeze them until you have about a quarter cup of mixed citrus juice. You can also use any juice that accumulated on your cutting board.
  5. Peel the carrots and slice them into medallions that are about a quarter-inch thick. Try to make sure they're all the same thickness so they cook at the same rate.
  6. Heat a large skillet, and add a small dash of your cooking oil of choice.
  7. Lay the carrot medallions across the bottom of the skillet, making sure each has full contact with the skillet surface to facilitate browning.
  8. Cook the carrots over medium heat until the bottom sides are browned, which will take 5-10 minutes. Then flip them and brown the other sides. Cook until all are lightly browned and tender.
  9. Decrease the heat to low, and let the skillet cool for a couple minutes.
  10. Carefully pour the citrus juice into the skillet, then allow it to cook down until it begins to caramelize on the carrots (see the fifth photo, above). Watch them carefully, since you don't want the fruit from the sugars to burn, which will occur once most of the liquid has evaporated.
  11. Turn off the heat and sprinkle the carrot slices with salt, pepper, and cumin, then allow the carrots to cool at least partially.
  12. On a serving platter, arrange the carrot slices and citrus slices however you like. Then garnish with mixed sprouts and roasted pistachios (or, if you plan to prep the salad ahead of time, save the garnishes for right before you serve).


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