Even More Recipes!

I love to work collaboratively with brands, so some of the recipes I develop are hosted elsewhere. Don't worry, you can still get them!

Miniature stone fruit crisps
Chocolate rum drink with pouring

Below, you'll find links to all the content I've developed for brand partners... content that's hosted on their sites instead of mine. Have a look around, there are some great recipes AND some great products to check out.

OHi Bars

I've worked with OHi for a long time and have developed a whole bunch of great, seasonal, easy recipes using their bars. They have blog posts describing each in detail. If you're an OHi Bar lover like me, I hope these recipes will give you ideas for how to use OHi Bars in the kitchen. They're not just for on-the-go snacks! Remember to use the code ROGUE to get 15% off your order.

Ice cream sandwich with flowers

Here's a list of links to our collaborative recipes. I've ordered them by month since they're all very seasonally-inspired!
February: Valentine's Day Raspberry Coconut Nicecream Sandwiches
March: Tropical Fruit Nachos
April: Matcha Strawberry Parfait
May: Flower Garden Smoothie Bowl
June: Strawberry Ginger Chocolate Chunk Nicecream
July: Peanut Butter Berry Mini Tarts
August: No-Cook Stone Fruit Crisp
September: Fruity Breakfast Salad
No Bake Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites
November: Apple Pie Breakfast Parfait
December: Winter Wonderland Smoothie Bowl


Another long-term partner of The Rogue Brussel Sprout, I've been working with Everipe to develop recipes using their freeze-dried, superfood smoothie kits. Because the kits contain fruit and all sorts of great superfoods like chia seeds, hemp seeds, and bee pollen, they're wonderful additions to baked goods. If you get Everipe smoothie kits to keep in your pantry, you'll definitely want to check out my Vegan Superfood Cookies (see photo below), Vegan Blender Pancakes, and Vegan Blender Muffins. In addition to developing recipes, I also photograph for Everipe, so keep your eyes out for my photos on their website and social media feeds.

Stack of cookies on a cooling rack

Mauna Loa

The first-ever brand to support me on my food blogging journey was Mauna Loa! I've worked with them continuously over the past couple years. They grow the most fabulous macadamias on the Big Island of Hawaii and even make macadamia milk ice cream. While there are loads of macadamia recipes on this blog (no joke, just enter "macadamia" into the blog's search bar in the upper right), there are also a few that live on Mauna Loa's page including this Tropical Ocean Smoothie Bowl and this Moana Bowl. And I photograph for Mauna Loa too, so you'll see my photos in some of their marketing materials!

Snack board with fruit, crackers, and macadamia nuts

Koloa Rum

I'm so excited to serve as a Rumbassador for Koloa Rum on Kaua'i. I'm clearly smitten with their beautiful rums and have quite a few Koloa cocktail recipes here on the blog. But I also provide monthly Instagram content for Koloa that doesn't always end up on my own blog or social media feeds, so check out @KoloaRum to find all of my creations!

Rum punch in a tiki glass

This isn't a complete list, but here are links to some of my favorite cocktails I've created for Koloa, which have appeared on Koloa's Instagram feed. I've listed them by month, since many are quite seasonal in nature and/or linked to a specific holiday.
January: Blue Winter Daiquiri
February: Boozy Cacao Coconut Coffee
March: St Patty's Day Nightcap
April: Coconut Pink Lemonade Fizz
April: Passionfruit Coconut Mai Tai
May: Blackberry Daiquiri
Planter's Punch
December: Holiday Spiced Rum Punch
November: Thanksgiving Eve Ginger Rum Fizz
Spiced Rum & Cider
Spiced Grapefruit Macadamia Daiquiri

Maiden Hawaii Naturals

I'm in awe of the decadent, flavorful, and local (to me when I'm in Hawaii!) cooking oils from these wonderful friends on Maui. Maiden Hawaii Naturals makes sunflower oil and macadamia oil, both of which I've fallen in love with. Head to their recipe page and download the recipe PDF to find my Sunflower Tortilla Strips, Sunflower Tortilla Chips, Sunflower Popcorn, and Fruity & Nutty Kale Salad (see photo below). I also use their macadamia oil in my Fruity Brunch Salad, which is here on the blog.

Colorful kale salad with avocado and fruit

Wild Hart Distillery

I'm fortunate to live only a few miles away from Wild Hart Distillery. They make a really lovely assortment of spirits; mostly gin, but a few others as well. I've had such fun developing seasonal cocktails to celebrate these hyper-local spirits. You can find a of our collaborative recipes on my blog, like this colorful Chai Tai and this very summery Watermelon Mint Gimlet. A couple have ended up on Wild Hart's page too; check out this summery Blackberry Blood Orange Gin & Tonic and this decadent Fig Gin & Ginger. There are a bunch more sprinkled throughout my Instagram feed too, so have a scroll around to check them out.

Pear gin & ginger cocktail with pear blossoms

Vermont Tortilla Company

Handmade corn tortillas right in my own little town? It's true! I'm so happy to call Vermont Tortilla Company my neighbors; their tortillas are the go-to in my kitchen and are made using classic techniques. I love using them in a whole variety of applications, including for avocado toast! You can find both my Cherry Strawberry Avocado Corn Tortilla Toast (shown below) and my Kiwi Avocado Corn Tortilla Toast on their blog. You may also remember their tortillas from my Green Goddess Tacos, which are here on my blog and also on Vermont Tortilla's Blog.

Avocado toast on corn tortillas

Other Collaborations

I love working with other foodies, and especially local, small-scale producers! Here are some other favorite collaborative recipes I've worked on that you can find elsewhere on the web.

In advance of Memorial Day in 2021, I worked with a few different Vermont foodies to design the snack board shown below. It features the most amazing pickles from Angela of The Tipsy Pickle. She makes pickles in brines made from distilled and fermented beverages; they're everything I've dreamed of! This snack board celebrates her Bourbon Barrel Aged Rum pickles, made with rum from Smuggler's Notch Distillery. You can find the recipes, including a pickle brine hummus and quick-pickled onions using the pickle brine, on City Market's recipe site and on the Slice of Vermont blog.

Snack board with hummus

As you guys know, I'm a huge lover of avocado and all things avocado-related. For that reason, I was absolutely thrilled to help The Avocado Club launch their new avocado-based hot sauce, Hottee Aguacatee. I designed the Spicy Avocado Salad shown below for the launch; it celebrates the balance of sweetness and heat, and features two different dressings: one sweet and one spicy!

Colorful salad with avocado and fruit

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