Hello and welcome to The Rogue Brussel Sprout. The goal of this blog is to provide inspiration and technique for having fun in the kitchen and for making unique, creative food. You won't find many recipes here, since I don't like following directions! Rather, I think that cooking is an opportunity to create, explore, experiment, and express yourself.

My name is Lee and I'm a rogue in the kitchen. I never do what I'm supposed to do, because where's the fun in that? I'm always trying to use new ingredients, create more complex flavor profiles, reinvent classics, and make food in an unexpected way. I make absolutely everything from scratch.

I was born and raised in Vermont, and my husband and I still call Vermont home. However, we eloped to Kaua'i Hawai'i years ago and have been back every winter since. My outlook on cooking melds the cultures and the flavors of these two places. By day I'm a research scientist, and I think my hands-on lab chemistry background is what drives my desire to experiment with cooking.

I hope this blog provides some good ideas, useful tips, and new challenges. Let's have some fun in the kitchen!


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