Looking for even more great recipes? I collaborate with a lot of different brands, and not all of the recipes I develop for a certain brand end up on my own blog. But luckily for you, these recipes are available on the websites of some of my favorite partners! Here's a list, grouped by brand, of other recipes of mine that you can find online.



OHi Bars

I've worked with OHi for a long time and have developed a whole bunch of great, seasonal, easy recipes using their bars. They have blog posts describing each in detail. If you're an OHi lover like me, I hope these recipes will give you ideas for how to use OHi bars in the kitchen. They're not just for on-the-go snacks! Remember to use the code ROGUE to get 15% off your order.

Here's a list of links to our recipe collabs. I've ordered them by month since they're all very seasonally-inspired!

- February: Valentine's Day Raspberry Coconut Nicecream Sandwiches. Decadent, colorful nicecream gets sandwiched between two OHi Bar halves for the most nourishing ice cream sandwich around.

- March: Tropical Fruit Nachos. This super-fun riff on nachos is great for breakfast, brunch, or even dessert. Tropical fruit replaces the chips, coconut cream replaces the queso, and crumbled OHi Bars replace the traditional nacho toppings.

- April: Matcha Strawberry Parfait. Perfect for spring meal prep or brunch parties, these adorable little parfaits combine sweet strawberries with fresh, grassy matcha green tea.

- May: Flower Garden Smoothie Bowl. This colorful and nourishing smoothie bowl is decorated to look like a flower garden in spring! Make one for mom on Mother's Day, or just as a special spring treat for yourself.

- October: No Bake Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites. The first recipe I developed for OHi! These fun two-bite desserts are a much more nourishing option than most Halloween treats and are loaded with real pumpkin and cozy spices.

- November: Apple Pie Breakfast Parfait. Apple pie... in a breakfast appropriate form! I adore these parfaits so much that I couldn't resist putting them on the blog too. Check out OHi's post for the abbreviated version, or my post for the full version.

- December: Winter Wonderland Smoothie Bowl. This over-the-top smoothie bowl is such fun and would be great for kids. It celebrates the beauty of a winter night.




Another long-term partner of The Rogue Brussel Sprout, I've been working with Everipe to develop recipes using their freeze-dried, superfood smoothie kits. Because the kits contain fruit and all sorts of great superfoods like chia seeds, hemp seeds, and bee pollen, they're great additions to baked goods. If you get Everipe smoothie kits to keep in your pantry, you'll definitely want to check these recipes out!

- Vegan Superfood Cookies. These beauties are whole food, fruit-sweetened, and come together in minutes in your food processor. These are actually some of my favorite cookies I've ever made!

- Vegan Blender Pancakes. Classic pancakes get a major nutritional AND flavor upgrade by adding in an Everipe smoothie kit. They're made with oats right in the blender!

- Easy Vegan Blender Muffins. Another treat straight from the blender! These have become a go-to in our house and are a great way to make fruity, flavorful muffins entirely out of the pantry.



Mauna Loa

The first-ever brand to support me on my food blogging journey was Mauna Loa! I've worked with them continuously over the past couple years. They grow the most fabulous macadamias on the Big Island of Hawaii. These nutritious, versatile nuts are wonderful in baking, savory dishes, and as a protein-rich snack. I'm macadamia obsessed!

While there are loads of macadamia recipes on this blog (no joke, just enter "macadamia" into the blog's search bar in the upper right), there are also a few that live on Mauna Loa's page:

- Tropical Ocean Smoothie Bowl. Shown above, this bowl is whimsical, fun, and loaded with good for the body ingredients. It would be great for kids and adults alike!

- Moana Bowl. Also themed around the ocean, this one is a yogurt bowl (= no blender required). I have such a soft spot for colorful bowls with decadent, crunchy toppings!



Maiden Hawaii Naturals

I'm in awe of the decadent, flavorful, and local (to me when I'm in Hawaii!) cooking oils from these wonderful friends on Maui. They make sunflower oil and macadamia oil, both of which I've fallen in love with. These oils shine in a raw preparation, like the salad shown below, AND for cooking since they add such wonderful depth of flavor.

Head to Maiden Hawaii's page here and download the recipe PDF for all sorts of great ideas for how to use these robustly-flavored oils. In that document, you'll find my Sunflower Tortilla Strips, Sunflower Tortilla Chips, Sunflower Popcorn, and the Fruity & Nutty Kale Salad shown above.


Wild Hart Distillery

I'm fortunate to live only a few miles away Wild Hart's distillery. They make a really lovely assortment of spirits; mostly gin, but a few others as well. I've had such fun developing seasonal cocktails to celebrate these hyper-local spirits.

I've designed a bunch of cocktails for Wild Hart! You can find a few on my blog, like this colorful Chai Tai and this very summery Watermelon Mint Gimlet. A couple have ended up on Wild Hart's page too; check out this summery Blackberry Blood Orange Gin & Tonic and this decadent Fig Gin & Ginger. There are a bunch more sprinkled throughout my Instagram feed too, so have a scroll around to check them out.


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