Coffee Maple Old Fashioned

This delightfully rich and complex Old Fashioned riff unites fragrant coffee, sweet maple, and fresh orange for an unforgettable combination. This versatile cocktail can do anything from a boozy brunch to a cozy winter evening in front of the fire.


  • 2 oz high-quality bourbon
  • 0.25 oz maple syrup
  • Few dashes of coffee bitters
  • Large coffee ice cube
  • Piece of orange peel
  • Citrus peel or slice for garnish


  1. In a cocktail stirring glass, combine the bourbon, maple syrup, and bitters. Stir well with ice, then let it sit for a minute to chill the drink.
  2. Put a large coffee cube into the highball glass.
  3. Take a piece of shaved orange peel and wipe the rim of a highball glass to enhance the orange aroma.
  4. Using a strainer, pour the chilled cocktail over the coffee cube.
  5. Give it a final squeeze of orange peel, which will infuse your drink with the fragrant oil from the peel.
  6. Garnish with a slice of orange or another shaving of peel.