Easy Fig Jam (from Dried Figs)

This delicious, versatile, and easy fig jam recipe uses dried figs instead of fresh. Using dried figs allows this jam to be made with no sugar and no pectin. It's jam magic!


  • 2 c dried figs (ideally calimyrna)
  • 0.5 - 1 c water
  • Few pinches sea salt


  1. For each fig, cut off the woody part of the stem, then cut the fig into quarters.
  2. Put the quartered figs in a small pot and just barely cover them with water.
  3. Add a few pinches of sea salt.
  4. Bring the water to a boil, then simmer for about 15 minutes until the figs are very soft. Add more water as needed to keep the bottom of the pan covered and the figs moist (but not submerged).
  5. Transfer the softened figs and any remaining liquid to a blender and blend until smooth, adding an additional dash of water as needed.
  6. Store the jam in the fridge (for up to a week) or freezer (for up to several months). Do NOT store this jam in the pantry since this recipe is not meant for canning.