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It's time to get a special treat for yourself, don't you think?? How about...

The blogger wearing a shirt with the saying "eat the rainbow" on the front

I'm thrilled to announce that I designed the cutest "Eat the Rainbow" shirt, which you can now get your hands on! This shirt (see the photo above) is a fun, creative way to spread the message about eating more plants. There are two styles: a women's tank top and a women's v-neck t-shirt. You can purchase one at my Printify shop ($28) and it will ship within a few days. I've decided to create these through an on-demand printing service to avoid waste, so your Eat the Rainbow shirt will be printed to order.

Dipping fruit into a dish of tahini, with a jar of tahini in the background

Seeds of Collaboration Tahini (or "SoCo") has become an absolute staple in my kitchen. It's the best tahini I've ever had, no question. It's creamy and delicate and nutty, and excels in both sweet and savory recipes. Get yourself a few jars of this liquid gold and then try all the tahini recipes here on the blog (there are loads of them!). They even have two flavored tahini options, one with dates and one with pesto, as well as handy travel packets.

The blogger overlooking a beautiful coastal landscape, holding a date bar to have as a snack

Need dates?? The wonderful folks at D'VASH have you covered with date anything and everything. From whole dates to date syrup (a game changer in salad dressings) to date sugar (my new favorite baking ingredient) to date bars, their products are creative and delightful. The D'VASH superfood bites come along on all our hikes.

A beautiful, healthy, pink and purple smoothie shown with a bag of vegan protein powder

The fabulous protein powders and superfood powders from Sprout Living have become my go-to for adding to nourishing smoothies, drinks, and nicecreams. Check out their whole line of "Epic Protein" powders, which come in a bunch of creative flavors, as well as their superfoods (I love their maca!) and adaptogenic drink mixes. All of their powders are made from whole food ingredients with no artificial flavors, gums, or synthetic add-ins.

A colorful summer salad topped with plantain croutons

My inspirational friends at Barnana make the most creative, unique plantain and banana snacks. They have everything from salty and savory plantain chips and nuggets (my favorite salad topping, see above) to delicious and portable dried banana bites. Many of their products use upcycled bananas that would have gone to waste otherwise. Their peanut butter dipped banana bites are a go-to hiking snack for us.

A beautiful green and blue matcha latte shown in a tropical scene

I use matcha in anything and everything from lattes to smoothies to nicecream to protein bites. Matcha Nude is absolutely the best I've ever had. It has a delicate flavor, a beautiful color, and is organic. It doesn't have any bitter or grassy notes, which can turn people off from matcha. Plus it's more reasonably priced than many other brands, so I can indulge in my matcha habit without breaking the bank.

A healthy breakfast parfait with yogurt, pumpkin, and grain-free cereal

This cereal has changed my life! I've always been a huge cereal lover but had largely stopped eating it because most brands are loaded with refined grains and sugar. Lovebird to the rescue! The ingredients in this cereal are simple, whole foods and it's grain-free. It has a light fluffy texture and numerous fun flavors. We love adding it to healthy desserts or taking it as an on-the-go snack.

The blogger standing in front of colorful flowers and holding a beautiful pink pineapple

If you love tropical fruit and tropical flavors, you absolutely have to try the amazing fruits from Tropical Fruit Box. They have gorgeous fruit boxes and you can even create your own assortment. You'll find everything there from mangoes to papayas to longan to baby bananas, and even this incredibly special pink pineapple. Their boxes make for great gifts too!

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