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Somewhere Over The Rainbow Pasta Salad

This infinitely-customizable rainbow vegan pasta salad is a total show-stopper! Load it up with whatever colorful fruits and veggies you love most. A creamy dreamy lemon-tahini dressing brings it all together.

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Current Featured Pairing: Green Goddess Dishes


Green Goddess Hummus

Hummus goes green goddess style in this bright, fresh, herby creation. The combination of basil, cilantro, and mint together is wonderfully summery and allows this hummus to pair with a wide variety of cuisines.

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Green Goddess Tacos

Tacos go Green Goddess style in this delightfully unexpected and monochromatic dish. These tacos are a celebration of all things green including hearty lentils, lots of veggies, and a wonderfully creamy avocado sauce.

A bunch of Lemon Dishes for spring!
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Aloha, I'm Lee

I love to be creative in the kitchen. Nothing makes me happier than fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables. Let's get cooking!


Current Seasonal Ingredient Obsession: Carrots


Carrot Dijon Hummus

This playful, colorful hummus is bursting with earthy carrots, tangy Dijon mustard, and a dash of sweet maple syrup to yield an addicting flavor profile. Enjoy it on a snack board, scooped onto salads, or spread onto your favorite sandwich!

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Carrot Noodle Pad Thai

Pad Thai gets a major remake with nourishing carrot noodles and a protein-rich tahini-based sauce. This version of Pad Thai is good for both the body and the soul!

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