Maple Salt and Vinegar Cauliflower

Bursting with a delightful balance of sweet, salty, and tangy flavors, this cauliflower appetizer is a nourishing remake of salt and vinegar chips. It's a favorite in our house for happy hour snacking!

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Orange Ginger Blueberry Tahini Muffins

These delightfully surprising muffins are loaded with fragrant orange, zippy ginger, sweet blueberries, and nutty tahini. They're a flavor explosion! But you might love the nourishing ingredients even more, especially the very non-traditional (and protein-rich) baking flour: chick pea!


Banana Bread Granola

Banana bread coziness meets crunchy granola in this super-comforting and nourishing breakfast or snack. Because this granola gets most of its moisture from bananas, it's good for the body as well as the soul!

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Current Seasonal Ingredient Obsession: Citrus!


Tri-Colored Citrusy Slaw

This colorful and fresh show-stopper will change your thoughts about cabbage forever. It's half slaw, half salad, and entirely awesome.

Veggie Love

Orange Jalapeno Brussel Sprouts

Loaded with sweet orange and spicy jalapeno, these brussel sprouts are a flavor powerhouse! Enjoy them as a side dish, happy hour nibble, or hoard them all to yourself.

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