Turmeric Tahini Drizzle

Loaded with nourishing turmeric, this creamy golden elixir is THE go-to dressing, sauce, and dip in our house. Change it up to match whatever you're making by switching the citrus juice, then put it on everything just like we do!

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Current Featured Pairing: Harvest Salad + Pizza

Main Courses

California Harvest Flatbread

This luscious flatbread pizza features creamy avocado, succulent fresh figs, juicy pomegranate seeds, and crunchy pistachios. It's a combination made in flatbread heaven!


California Harvest Salad

Can a salad be decadent? With this one, the answer is certainly yes! This very special salad features creamy avocado, succulent fresh figs, jewel-like pomegranate, and crunchy pistachios over a bed of massaged kale.

Salads are great year-round, not just in summer!
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Aloha, I'm Lee

I love to be creative in the kitchen. Nothing makes me happier than fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables. Let's get cooking!


Current Seasonal Produce Obsession: Apples!


Apple Pie Granola

Loaded with warming fall spices and cozy vibes, this granola is exploding with apple pie flavors and is addictingly crunchy. Best of all, it's naturally sweetened with just a bit of maple syrup and gets its crispness from apple sauce!

Nourishing Treats

Apple Cider Donut Oat Flour Cake

This cozy fall cake is loaded with all the flavors of an apple cider donut, but in a much better-for-the-body package. Fresh apples and a cinnamon-sugar topping make this the perfect breakfast treat or seasonal dessert during apple season.

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