Tropical Fruity Brunch Salad

Is it a fruit salad or a green salad? Who cares, it's perfect for brunch! This over-the-top tropical salad balances sweet and bitter flavors and will make a welcome, fresh addition to any brunch spread.

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Featured Recipe Pairing: Make Your Own Sauces and Dressings


Vegan Oil-Free Pesto Variations

The most comprehensive guide to making pesto that's delicious and nutritious! In this guide I cover many different pesto variations, how to avoid having to use oil, and lots of ideas for how to use your pesto.


The 20 BEST Healthy, Whole Food, Plant Based Salad Dressings

This post is a compilation of the BEST, most unique, most delicious plant based salad dressing recipes from around the vegan foodie world. Check out all these wonderful healthy salad dressing recipes that will make your salads delicious, exciting, and satisfying.

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Aloha, I'm Lee

I'm a veggie-loving plant eater who creates fresh, colorful, vegan, whole-food dishes, and I'm especially excited to share that passion with you.


Seasonal Ingredient Showcase: Fresh Mint Recipes


Watermelon, Snap Pea, and Mint Salad

This light and hydrating salad is bursting with sweet juicy watermelon, crisp sugar snap peas, and fragrant mint. It's a great side dish to all your summer meals!


Mojito Corn Salad

This fresh, summery salad has been a go-to on our deck for years. It's loaded with seasonal produce and an unexpected Mojito-inspired dressing for an unforgettable flavor combination. Bonus points for serving it alongside some mojitos!

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