Raspberry, Apricot, and Ginger Truffles


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(Note: this post was originally published on June 2, 2019. The date above reflects migration to the new platform.)

It's Truffle Time

When I think of truffles, I think of an indulgent, decadent, special treat. Something about truffles is just so nostalgic, don't you think? They remind me of being a kid and getting those boxes of drugstore truffles on Valentine's Day from my grandma. I remember trying to guess what the filling would be, then being delightfully surprised when I bit into one and it was something unexpected. My favorite was always the one with the fluffy, marshmallowy raspberry filling.

But who says truffles can't be indulgent and special, but also good for the body? I'm excited to introduce you to these homemade truffles that are easy, cute, make for a perfect gift, and are basically just fruit and nuts. It's all my truffle dreams come true!

Dipping truffles in chocolate

A Nourishing Treat

Ssshhh, don't tell anyone, but these truffles are really a protein bar in disguise. They're deliciously sweet and indulgent and sticky, but are made of fruit and nuts. It's like truffle magic! The only ingredients in the filling are dried apricots, cashews, freeze-dried raspberries, a little crystallized ginger, and the tiniest bit of honey or maple syrup. The filling is based on my homemade Lara Bars, but a little stickier. Check out the photo below to see how the filling looks after rolling the balls but before dipping.

Because of their decadent flavors but nourishing ingredients, these cute truffles are the perfect anytime treat! We enjoy them as an on-the-go snack, a post-workout bite, and even as lunch! Because of the nuts, they actually have quite a bit of protein. If you want to make them even more nourishing, feel free to roll them in coconut flakes instead of dipping them in chocolate (although let's be honest, the chocolate is very important!!).

Healthy vegan truffles

Flavor Explosion!

These truffles pack a surprisingly powerful flavor punch. The apricots and raspberries are bright and fruity, while the ginger adds a subtle zing. Cashews give them body (and protein!), and a delicate nuttiness that I love. Then, of course, there's the chocolate. I suggest using a dark chocolate, since the flavor is such a perfect pairing for the sweet fruit. Every bite is interesting and perfectly balanced.

These truffles would make such a lovely item on a fruit plate for dessert. They would be great alongside fresh raspberries, fresh apricots, and maple-roasted cashews. They would be equally great alongside an assortment of dried fruit and nuts, or even with a bit of raspberry sorbet. I love serving dessert platters that allow everyone to nibble as they wish.

Truffles with cashews, apricots, and raspberries

Let's Talk Ingredients

Here's what you'll need for this recipe, as well as some thoughts, tips, and possible substitutions. If you make any substitutions, I'd love to hear about it in the comments section below.

  • Dried apricots. Make sure they're unsweetened. Trader Joe's usually has some nice ones that have a beautiful, bright orange color. I'd avoid options that are brown, since they'll largely control the color of the truffle interiors.
  • Raw cashews
  • Crystallized ginger. Fresh ginger would work too, but if you go that route you'll want to increase the amount of apricots to ensure you have enough stickiness to keep the filling together. Most artisan grocery stores will have crystallized ginger cubes or medallions in the bulk food section.
  • Honey. Or use maple syrup if you're fully plant-based, but I love the flavor of the honey here.
  • Freeze-dried raspberries. Most specialty food stores and health food stores will have these, as will Trader Joe's. They're a super flavor powerhouse. You'll use them both inside the truffles and to garnish the tops. These truffles will not work with fresh raspberries; the filling will be too wet.
  • Dark chocolate chips. Remember to use dairy-free if that's how you roll.
  • Coconut oil

Healthy dessert truffles

Closing Thoughts

Need one more reason to make these? They're way faster and easier than traditional truffles! The only hard part is trying not to eat all the chocolate before you have a chance to coat the truffles. You'll just make the filling in the food processor and form it into little balls, dip them into chocolate, garnish with some powdered freeze-dried raspberries, and you have a beautiful, shareable, gift-friendly dessert.

I really can't wait for you to try these! I think the flavors are so unique and special. Whether you make these as a gift or just as a treat for yourself, they're great proof that an indulgent treat can still be good for the body. Because we all deserve to have truffles everyday, right??

Truffle with a bite mark

Share It!

It makes me so happy to hear from you and see your creations! Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this recipe. If you post a photo on Instagram, hashtag #TheRogueBrusselSprout and tag me (@TheRogueBrusselSprout) in the post text so that I'm sure to see it.

Raspberry, Apricot, and Ginger Truffles

Exploding with tart raspberry, sweet apricot, and zingy ginger, these cute little truffles are easy to make at home and good for the body too. Make them as a treat for yourself or as a gift for someone special!



For the Filling

  • 2 c dried apricots
  • 1 c raw cashews
  • 10-12 cubes crystallized ginger
  • 1 tbsp honey or maple syrup
  • 0.5 c. freeze-dried raspberries

For the Coating

  • 1 c dark chocolate chips
  • 2 tsp coconut oil
  • Additional freeze-dried raspberries for garnish


  1. In a food processor, combine the apricots, cashews, crystallized ginger, and honey (or maple syrup). Process for a couple minutes until the mixture clumps into a sticky ball.
  2. Add the freeze-dried raspberries and pulse for just a couple seconds, until the raspberries are dispersed but still recognizable.
  3. Scoop out the mixture by the tablespoon and roll it into balls, washing your hands as necessary throughout to prevent sticking.
  4. Wash all the sticky filling off your hands and give each ball one more roll with clean hands. Doing this gives them a smoother surface, which will make your chocolate look neater.
  5. Put the balls of filling into the fridge for ten minutes while you prepare the coating.
  6. Over a double-boiler, slowly melt the chocolate and coconut oil. Melt and stir until you have a smooth, shiny mixture, then remove it from the heat.
  7. One at a time, dunk each truffle into the chocolate. Use two forks to roll it around until fully covered, then use the forks to lift it out and let the excess chocolate drain off. Set on a cooling rack or a piece of wax paper to harden.
  8. Before the chocolate is set, sprinkle the top of each truffle with some additional powder of the freeze-dried raspberries.
  9. Allow the chocolate to harden completely while at room temperature; this ensures a shiny finish.
  10. Store the finished truffles in the fridge to keep the chocolate hard.

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December 11, 2022
These sound like a fantastic healthy snack or treat! Such an intriguing combo of apricot and ginger!! Can I freeze them for later too?
December 11, 2022
Waseem- They're totally freeze-able! I've done it before numerous times with success, even before gifting them. Haha no one ever knows!
Callie Ingold
September 3, 2022
Love this idea! I've made lots of little date-based treats before but the apricots are so different. I buy them in bulk at WF and always have them on-hand, so I'm excited to try these. I think I'll roll them in coconut for a less-sweet option.
September 5, 2022
Apricots don’t get enough hype! I always have to have a snack like this prepped for the week! I want to try these with freeze dried blueberries!
September 8, 2022
Dani- Oh my gosh I love your blueberry idea! That sounds awesome. I definitely want to try that now, maybe with some lemon zest too!