Greek Salad Stuffed Spaghetti Squash


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(Note: this post was originally published on March 29, 2020. The date above reflects migration to the new platform.)

Cozy But Also Fresh

Squash stuffed with salad?? Oh yes! This is the perfect transitional meal when you're caught between winter and spring, feeling like you're beyond cozy stuffed squash but not quite ready for a giant dinner salad yet.

Generally speaking, I think most of us see stuffed squash as winter food. But what happens in March and April, when there's still beautiful squash in the stores, but we're all ready for lighter, fresher spring food? Enter this Greek Salad Stuffed Spaghetti Squash, which is the best of both worlds. There's a raw, crisp, bright Greek salad, nestled into a cozy spaghetti squash. All of the sudden, like magic, stuffed squash becomes spring food!

Two Greek Salad Stuffed Spaghetti Squash halves

Loads of Veggies!

Are you a spaghetti squash fan?? I love this bizarre, delicious squash. It's so versatile. Of course the fibers can be scraped out and treated like spaghetti, but it's also great for stuffing. The key to making it a satisfying stuffing squash is to fluff up the fibers a bit after baking; the fluffing action makes the whole thing seem lighter and easier to dig into (see photo below!). The other key is to drizzle part of your dressing down into the squash fibers so that it's flavorful throughout.

For the Greek salad component of this dish, I've omitted the lettuce since the squash "spaghetti" serves as the base of the salad. Then load it up with all your Greek salad favorites! Here, I've shown baby cucumbers, all sorts of beautiful little tomatoes, some cubes of Vermont feta tossed in sumac, pine nuts, and plenty of fresh herbs, but feel free to use what you love.

And let's not forget about the dressing! I like to use a mix of lemon juice and red wine vinegar for big acidity, some coarse-grained mustard, a dash of olive oil, the tiniest bit of honey for sweetness, lots of fresh thyme, and lots of black pepper. I've included a dressing recipe below, or you could just as easily use your favorite vinaigrette; anything with Mediterranean flavors will work nicely. Regardless, remember to drizzle a bit of dressing into the squash fibers before stuffing to really disperse the flavor evenly.

Roasted spaghetti squash

Make It Your Own

In some ways, this post is really more of a concept than a specific recipe. You can use whatever salad components you love most! Anything Mediterranean will work great. You could  add things like olives, pickled banana peppers, capers, grilled or pickled red onion, other cheeses, and whatever fresh herbs you have on-hand.

Want to make it heartier? Feel free to add your grilled protein of choice, some crispy roasted chick peas, or even a big dollop of this lemon hummus. I suggest assuming that half a squash will be a good dinner portion size, but you could get away with a quarter of a squash if you add in some more robust elements.

Make-Ahead Tips

This meal is super make-ahead friendly and would be great for entertaining or meal prep. You can easily roast the squash a day or two ahead of time. You can also make the dressing ahead of time and cut up the veggies. Just store everything separately. When you're ready to eat, either reheat the squash in the microwave or just enjoy it cold or at room temperature, then add the toppings. I don't suggest assembling it in advance since the toppings will get wilty.

Greek Salad Stuffed Spaghetti Squash with toppings

Let's Talk Ingredients

Here's what you'll need for this recipe, as well as some thoughts, tips, and possible substitutions. If you make any substitutions, I'd love to hear about it in the comments section below.

  • Lemon juice
  • Red wine vinegar
  • Coarse-grained mustard. Learn to make your own here!
  • Olive oil
  • Honey. You can sub agave if you don't do honey, but I like to give the dressing just a tiny touch of sweetness.
  • Fresh thyme. Fresh is best! But dry can work alright if that's all you have.
  • Salt and pepper
  • Spaghetti squash
  • Baby cucumbers
  • Colorful baby tomatoes
  • Feta. You can certainly use a vegan feta here, or even little cubes of tofu.
  • Toasted pine nuts
  • Fresh mint
  • Fresh basil
  • Sumac. Not strictly necessary... but gosh is this stuff wonderful.

Greek Salad Stuffed Spaghetti Squash  close-up

Closing Thoughts

You really can have so much fun with these. Go crazy with the toppings! I've made these many times over the years, and always have fun choosing the prettiest baby tomatoes and arranging all of my ingredients so that the colors really pop.

Happy spring! Happy salad season! But let's not forget about our squash friends.

Greek Salad Stuffed Spaghetti Squash with ingredients

Share It!

It makes me so happy to hear from you and see your creations! Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this recipe. If you post a photo on Instagram, hashtag #TheRogueBrusselSprout and tag me (@TheRogueBrusselSprout) in the post text so that I'm sure to see it.

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Greek Salad Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

The perfect meal for confusing spring weather, this unexpected dish is half stuffed squash and half Greek salad. Customize it with all your favorite salad toppings!



For the Dressing

  • Juice of a lemon
  • 1-2 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • 1-2 tbsp coarse-grained mustard
  • Dash of olive oil
  • Tiny dash of honey (or agave)
  • A few tsp thyme leaves
  • Generous salt and freshly ground pepper

For the Squash

  • Spaghetti squash
  • Several baby cucumbers
  • Assorted colorful baby tomatoes
  • Feta (or vegan feta)
  • Toasted pine nuts
  • Small handful of fresh mint
  • Small handful of fresh basil
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Sprinkle of sumac


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 and lightly oil a baking dish.
  2. Cut the top and bottom stems off the squash. Then cut it in down the middle vertically, to make two identical halves. Scoop out the seeds.
  3. Roast cut-side facing downward for 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of your squash. You should easily be able to fluff up the spaghetti with a fork, but the spaghetti itself should have texture and maintain its shape. Don't overcook them! If you cook the squash too long, you end up with wet, mushy spaghetti.
  4. While the squash roasts, mix the dressing and prep the salad ingredients by chopping the veggies, very finely chopping the herbs, and cubing or crumbling the feta.
  5. Remove the squash halves from the oven, flip them over, and gently fluff up the spaghetti strands with a fork.
  6. While the squash is still warm, drizzle about half the dressing down into the squash fibers so that it becomes flavorful throughout.
  7. Assemble! Layer in the veggies throughout and on top of the fluffed spaghetti strands. Top with feta and nuts. Finish it all off with an additional drizzle of dressing, some fresh herbs, a generous grind of black pepper, and a sprinkle of sumac.

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May 4, 2022
Love this spring meal! And there were leftovers for lunch too!
June 20, 2020
This is a favorite in our house- it is full of color, delicious and quick enough for a week night. I top it with parsley and mint to keep the flavors fresh. Love it!