Fig, Pistachio, and Lemon Truffles

Truffles! So pretty and decadent and special. But these truffles are unique. Not only can you make them at home in under an hour, they're also secretly super nutritious. These cute little creations are literally a protein bar in disguise. They're deliciously sweet and indulgent and sticky, but are made of fruit and nuts. It's like truffle magic.

The flavors of these truffles are inspired by the time Dave and I spent in Florence and the Chianti region of Italy. Florence, or Firenze, is a magical city filled with narrow winding streets, cobblestones, arching bridges, and beautiful fresh food. During our time there, we went to the street markets every day for fresh produce, then back to our apartment to cook, drink Chianti, and have dinner on the patio. (We also walked and hiked more than 100 miles that week, maybe that's part of the reason all the food seemed so amazing?).

Among other things, we often found ourselves eating figs and roasted pistachios, and cooking a lot with lemon. Those have always been important foods to me because I'm of Italian descent, but now the three of them together remind me so much of sitting in the sun on our patio in Firenze 

I've united all these nostalgic, springy, fresh, Italian flavors together into a delightful little package. These truffles are the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and citrusy. The stickiness of the figs combined with the crunchy fig seeds and pistachios is magic. A little dark chocolate shell takes them over the top.

If you've never made truffles at home before, don't worry! These are very easy and fun. The filling is totally non-traditional, meaning it comes together in minutes in the food processor. Rolling them in melted chocolate can be a bit messy (see above, ha!) but goes quickly. In a lot of ways, these are actually much easier than making cookies, so don't let the idea of homemade "candy" be overwhelming!

Nutritionally-speaking, these are a major win. Remember my guide to Homemade Lara Bars? The center of these truffles is basically that, but in disguise. The filling is just figs, roasted pistachios, lemon zest, and the tiniest bit of honey (or maple syrup, if you prefer) rolled into a ball, dipped into dark chocolate, and sprinkled with sea salt. Easy, so flavorful, and packed with good-for-you ingredients.

Your brain will think you're indulging in a truffle... your body will think it just got fueled with a Lara Bar. I'm telling you, serious truffle magic.

Aren't these so perfect for spring? I love lemon anything this time of year! Something about pistachios feels so springy to me too; maybe its their bright green color?

Make these and share them with people you care about. They'll make the perfect gift (maybe for Easter or Mother's Day??) because they seem so special but are also nourishing for the body. Or make them just for yourself, because you're special and deserve truffles every day! Especially ones loaded with good protein, healthy fats, and antioxidants.

Please share your creation so I can see how you've interpreted the concept! Tag "The Rogue Brussel Sprout" on Facebook or hashtag #theroguebrusselsprout on Instagram.

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Thoughts About Ingredients
(These are all just suggestions, since rogue is more fun than recipe)

For the Filling:
  • 2 c dried figs. I like the larger, light-colored Calimyrna figs; they have such fun crunchy seeds. But anything will work.
  • 1 c roasted, salted pistachios (divided). Buy pre-roasted or roast your own.
  • 1 tbsp honey. Or use maple syrup if you're fully plant-based, but I love the flavor of the honey here, it goes so beautifully with lemon. You can omit this if you feel strongly about avoiding any added sugar.
  • Zest of one lemon
For the Coating:
  • 1 c chocolate chips. Choose something that will melt nicely, i.e. with as few additives as possible. I prefer dark, since the figs are quite sweet. Go dairy-free if that's how you roll.
  • 1-2 tsp of coconut oil. More oil will yield a softer shell (more ganache-like), while less oil will yield a hard shell, so choose what you like. I prefer a softer shell so that it doesn't crack and break when I bite into it.
  • Sea salt garnish, optional. I like fleur de sel because of its mineral flavor and flaky (= not overwhelming) texture.

Thoughts About Method
(These are all just suggestions, be creative and make it yours) 

  1. Remove the stems of the figs.
  2. In a food processor, combine the figs, HALF of the pistachios, lemon zest, and honey (or maple syrup). Process for a couple minutes until the mixture clumps into a sticky ball.
  3. Add the remaining pistachios and pulse for just a couple seconds. This will leave some big, crunchy pieces that provide a nice textural contrast to the figs.
  4. Scoop out the mixture by the tablespoon and roll it to create balls. You can make these whatever size you wish; tiny cute truffles or big indulgent truffles.
  5. Wash all the sticky filling off your hands and give each ball one more roll with clean hands. Doing this gives them a smoother surface, which will make your chocolate look neater.
  6. Put the balls of filling into the fridge for ten minutes while you prep the coating.
  7. Over a double-boiler, slowly melt the chocolate and coconut oil, being careful not to burn it. Melt and stir until you have a smooth, shiny mixture, then remove it from the heat.
  8. One at a time, dunk each truffle into the chocolate. Use two forks to roll it around until fully covered; then use the forks to lift it out and let the excess chocolate drain off. Set it on a cooling rack or a piece of wax paper to harden.
  9. Garnish as you wish. Here, I've used just an extra drizzle of extra-dark chocolate and a sprinkling of fleur de sel. You could also use some crumbled pistachios, or go really fancy with a sliver of candied lemon peel. 
  10. Allow the chocolate to harden completely while at room temperature; this ensures a shiny finish.
  11. Store the finished truffles in the fridge to keep the chocolate hard.


  1. Made these last night and they are amazing! I was nervous they would be too salty because of the pistachios and they are just perfect with the dark chocolate. Best part, they took less than 30 minutes, and 20 of those minutes were passive. Can’t wait to make more and experiment with toppings!

    1. The Rogue Brussel SproutMay 6, 2021 at 7:47 PM

      Oh good, I'm so glad you enjoyed them! They're a go-to for us because they're so darn fast. I love the idea of different, fun toppings!


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