Ginger Margaritas

Prepare to have your whole margarita world shaken up (pun intended): ginger margaritas are here!

Margaritas are, by far, my favorite cocktail. Something about the combination of the tart lime juice, complexly-flavored tequila, and salty rim is right up my alley. Dave and I keep a tequila "life list" and keep track of every tequila we've tried (of which there have been many!). We traveled to both Mexico City and Santa Fe last year in search of good tequila and are always on the hunt for Mexican-inspired cuisine and beverages.

My only problem with margaritas occurs during the winter. That delightful tart, bright beverage screams summer to me. A margarita on the deck on a summer evening, or after a long hot hike both seem perfect (especially when accompanied by vast amounts of salty tortilla chips and guac). But in the winter by the fire? It just doesn't feel quite right.

But never fear, the ginger margarita is here!

In order to winterize the margarita, I've made a few swaps: aged tequila instead of blanco, ginger liqueur instead of orange liqueur, and homemade ginger syrup instead of agave. All combine to provide a cozy, spicy, wintry feel with a deeper, more complex flavor profile.

Bonus points for using an anejo tequila (aged for more than a year) with vanilla and spiced flavors. The pairing is perfect! For interested tequila nerds, the one shown here is the Tierra Noble anejo that we brought back from Mexico City; it's one of the highest-elevation tequilas in the world (and gosh, is it ever divine).

This is a different spin on the traditional that takes my most-loved beverage into cozy winter territory. It pairs nicely with any Mexican-inspired dish, but the combination is especially beautiful if you can incorporate some traditional fall or winter produce or spices. Think Brussel Sprout Nachos, Butternut Squash Chili, pumpkin cornbread, or anything you can add a pinch of cinnamon and ginger too.

And of course, don't forget the salty snacks. Clearly, this is an excellent excuse for a winter margarita party!

Please share your creation so I can see how you've interpreted the concept! Tag "The Rogue Brussel Sprout" on Facebook or hashtag #theroguebrusselsprout on Instagram.

Looking for another ginger cocktail to spice things up? Check out my Ginger Bee's Knees, which keeps things cozy with aged gin and honey.

Thoughts About Ingredients
(These are all just suggestions, since rogue is more fun than recipe)
  • High quality tequila (~1.5-2 oz per drink). You could use reposado (aged 2-12 months) or anejo (aged >1 year), but pick something that tastes lovely on its own, since you want to celebrate the tequila rather than mask it
  • Ginger liqueur (~0.5-1 oz per drink). There are a few out there, I like Domaine de Canton, but pick what makes you happy.
  •  Homemade ginger syrup (~0.5-1 oz per drink). Take a few inches worth of ginger, peel it, and slice into medallions. Make a simple syrup by boiling it with 1:1 sugar:water until the mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. The more ginger you add, the spicier your syrup will be. This will keep in the fridge for a long time, so make a big batch and save extras.
  • Lime juice (1.5-2 oz per drink). Fresh! No bottled lime juice allowed here.
  • Garnishes. Do you want to salt your rims? Sugar your rims? Garnish with a lime wedge and/or crystallized ginger? Have fun with it!
Thoughts About Method
(These are all just suggestions, be creative and make it yours)

  1. Prep your ingredients. Squeeze the limes, make and cool the syrup, cut your garnishes, salt/sugar your rims. All of this can be done in advance if you're having guests.
  2. Contemplate your margarita personality. Do you want your drink to be tart or sweet? Boozy or gentle? Adjust the volumes above accordingly. You can also set up a "make your own margarita" bar if you have guests with different tastes.
  3. In a shaker, mix your ingredients with a few ice cubes. Give it a taste and adjust as needed. The best part about making a cocktail is that there's no right answer.
  4. Use a strainer to remove any wayward lime pulp and serve over a few big ice cubes (no watered down drinks please!) and with any garnishes that inspire you.


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