Mexican Coffee Margaritas

A coffee margarita? Yup, it's happening.

We spent time in Mexico City last year and really fell in love with it. We walked ourselves to death every day, and fueled our explorations with so much lovely food. Especially margaritas and tacos!

But the beverage we had there that surprised me most was the coffee. Every morning, we had sweet, flavorful coffee that had been steeped for hours with orange zest, brown sugar, and spices. It was so unexpected, and so unlike how I usually have my coffee at home. That coffee seriously spoke to me.

Here, I'm recreating the flavors of Mexican Coffee in a unique cocktail that will become your new go-to for brunch (or, let's be honest, any time!). It has coffee tequila, which makes it feel brunch-ready, and is also packed with orange and cinnamon.

Is this cocktail really a margarita? I guess I'll leave that up to you. If you define a margarita as tequila, flavored liquor (usually orange), citrus (usually lime), and sweetener (usually agave), then the answer is yes.

In this cocktail, I use a base of reposado tequila. I substitute coffee tequila for the orange liquor. Then I use a bit of Cara Cara orange juice instead of lime, and homemade cinnamon syrup instead of agave. So it's the same format as a margarita, but completely different flavors and feel.

The result is something completely unique and really complex. This drink is deep and rich because of the coffee tequila and cinnamon syrup, and still light and bright thanks to the orange. These Mexican Coffee Margaritas would work beautifully at a brunch party, but would be equally wonderful accompanying "breakfast for dinner".

Wondering about those waffles shown in the two photos above? Those are my Mexican Coffee Waffles! (Can you see how impactful that coffee was on my flavor combinations??). Pair them together for an out of this world brunch or dinner that will transport you instantly to street-side cafes in Mexico City. They'll be coming to the blog this Sunday!

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Thoughts About Ingredients
(These are all just suggestions, since rogue is more fun than recipe)
  • High quality tequila (~1.0-1.5 oz per drink). I like using reposado or anejo for these. Bonus points for choosing a tequila with a vanilla-forward flavor profile.
  • Coffee tequila (~1.0 oz per drink). We got turned onto the Patron Cafe in Mexico City, and brought the bottle shown here back with us. But it's also available in the US at liquor stores with a good tequila selection.
  • Orange juice (~1 oz per drink). I used Cara Cara oranges because I love their color. Always use fresh squeezed! I like to just use a little bit so as not to obscure the coffee and cinnamon, but you could use more if you want a gentler drink.
  • Cinnamon syrup (~0.5 oz per drink). Boil a few cinnamon sticks in a 1:1 mixture of water and sugar until the mixture turns a deep amber color and is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.
  • Garnishes. I like to use a few slices of Cara Cara orange.
Thoughts About Method
(These are all just suggestions, be creative and make it yours) 
  1. Make the cinnamon syrup, strain it, and let it cool. It's really delightful and will keep well in the fridge, so don't hesitate to make more than you need.
  2. Contemplate your margarita personality. Do you want your drink to be tart or sweet? Boozy or gentle? Adjust the volumes above accordingly.
  3. Add the tequilas, orange juice, cinnamon syrup, and ice to a shaker. Shake it vigorously.
  4. Using a strainer (to get rid of any orange pulp), pour into glasses over ice. If you don't have a cocktail strainer, any small kitchen strainer will work.
  5. (Conversely, if you want to treat this more like a stirred drink, you can strain the orange juice ahead of time and mix everything in a cocktail stirring glass. It's part margarita and part something else, so do what makes you happier. The stirred approach might be more appropriate if you only use a dash of orange juice like I do, whereas the shaken approach might be more appropriate if you want a less strong drink with more orange juice).
  6. Serve over a few big ice cubes (no watered down drinks!) and with any garnishes that inspire you.


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