Sweet and Salty Stuffed Figs

Help, I think I have a major fig obsession! I've always loved them, but have gotten seriously out of control this fall. I've been making fig everything, including many variations of these sweet and salty stuffed ones.

In my opinion, the key to a truly addicting appetizer is the balance of sweet and salty, as well as the balance of fresh and fatty. And don't forget the crunch! Those things are what makes a bite like this so intriguing that you want to keep going back for more.

My formula for stuffed figs has become as follows. I recommend sticking to these categories for a well-balanced bite. But the possibilities are endless! On top of your figs, you'll want:
1.) Something creamy and fatty
2.) Something crunchy
3.) Something sweet and sticky
4.) Something with a big flavor pop

To get your mind going, here are some examples. But do what works for you and think outside the box!

Example #1 (below) is vaguely middle-eastern inspired. These beauties contain:
- Creamy/fatty: goat cheese whipped with honey
- Crunchy: pistachios
- Sweet/sticky: drizzle of honey
- Flavor pop: small mint leaf

Example #2 (below) is vaguely fall-inspired. These seasonal nibbles contain:
- Creamy/fatty: feta
- Crunchy: pecans
- Sweet/sticky: drizzle of goats' milk bourbon caramel sauce
- Flavor pop: fresh cranberries

Finally, example #3 (below) is vaguely Vermont inspired. These tasty treats contain:
- Creamy/fatty: Vermont sharp cheddar
- Crunchy: apple slices and walnuts
- Sweet/sticky: drizzle of Vermont maple syrup
- Flavor pop: thyme

You can really take this idea anywhere. These could easily become vegan by using a plant-based cheese or maybe even tahihi as the creamy element. They could become extra indulgent with crispy bacon. You can theme them by season, region, or in whatever way you can dream up.

Regardless, they'll make for a lovely appetizer. I could even see these being on your Thanksgiving table. Enjoy!

Please share your creation so I can see how you've interpreted the concept! Tag "The Rogue Brussel Sprout" on Facebook or hashtag #theroguebrusselsprout on Instagram.

Let the fig obsession continue with some Secret Shortcut Fig Jam and maybe a Figgy Thyme Gin Fizz to go along with your appetizers.


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