Carrot Dijon Hummus


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(Note: this post was originally published on April 5, 2020. The date above reflects migration to the new platform.)

Another Hummus Creation!

The most unexpected hummus! This bright orange beauty is tangy, sweet, nutty, creamy, and the perfect appetizer for any season. This is truly a hummus that can do it all, from salads to sandwiches to snack boards.

As you've probably noticed, I have many hummus recipes here. There's Loaded Lemon Hummus that's bursting with freshness; Kaua'i Hummus that celebrates the flavors of the tropics; and even Maple Sea Salt Hummus that's perfect for fall. Want to go less traditional? There's my favorite summery Babagahummus, which is a hybrid of hummus and baba ganoush!

In my opinion, hummus is one of the most perfect appetizer foods. It's protein-rich enough to feel substantial, yet light-enough to not be overly filling. You can make it in advance (= easy!) and garnish it to look fancy. Plus, you can serve it with whatever assemblage of crackers, chips, or veggies works for you.

Carrot Dijon Hummus with crackers


This Carrot Dijon Hummus has an unexpected flavor profile that's both tangy (from the mustard!) and sweet (from both the carrots and a bit of maple syrup or honey). It reminds me of honey-mustard dressing, in a way that's very addictive. You can adjust the balance of these flavors to your liking; just taste as you go.

While adding carrots to hummus is totally non-traditional, it's such a darn good pairing because the carrots are earthy and subtly sweet. They also have the most beautiful color! And this way, even if your dinner plans get derailed and you eat nothing but crackers and hummus (been there, done that), you've still gotten some veggies.

Because of these diverse flavors, this hummus can really transcend seasons. It works with comforting fall foods because of the root veggie connection, and also with spring foods thanks to the bright flavor (and of course the affiliation with carrot cake season!).

Carrot Dijon Hummus with carrot peels and mustard

Tahini Time (+ a Discount!)

You guys are probably now well aware of my love of hummus, tahini, and in particular Seeds of Collaboration tahini. It's simply the best, and is a completely different world than any store-bought tahini I've encountered. Before finding Seeds of Collaboration, I honestly didn't even really like tahini... but that's because I had only ever had bad tahini!

Want to get your hands on this sweet, nutty, delicate, creamy tahini?? Head to the Seeds of Collaboration website and use the code ROGUE at check-out, it will give you 20% off your entire order! And while you're at it, search "tahini" on this blog for loads of other recipes, both sweet and savory.

Carrot Dijon Hummus close-up

It's Easy Too!

One of the best things about hummus is that it comes together quickly. The only thing that takes time for this version is cooking the carrots, but that part is totally hands-off. You can easily make this a day or two in advance, store it in a tightly-sealed container in the fridge, and then garnish it just before you're ready to eat

If you're hosting guests, this hummus on a big snack board would be perfection (see photo below for an example of how I used it on a fall-themed snack board!). Hummus is such a go-to for me when we have people over because it's (a) easy, (b) make-ahead friendly, and (c) protein-rich enough to keep everyone satisfied.

Carrot Dijon Hummus on a snack board

Let's Talk Ingredients

Here's what you'll need for this recipe, as well as some thoughts, tips, and possible substitutions. If you make any substitutions, I'd love to hear about it in the comments section below.

  • Carrots
  • Chick peas
  • Tahini. Seeds of Collaboration is my greatest love! Remember to use the code ROGUE at check-out to save 20%.
  • Dijon mustard. Learn to make your own here, it's easy and fun!
  • Maple syrup. Or honey would work fine too, for a different flavor profile.
  • Sea salt
  • Black pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Garnishes of choice. Here I've shown a drizzle of olive oil, a tiny drizzle of maple syrup, a dollop of mustard, pistachios, and a sprinkle of sumac. Feel free to use whatever you think will go well though, including other nuts or fresh herbs.

Carrot Dijon Hummus with crackers and pistachios

Closing Thoughts

A big bowl of hummus and all sorts of dipping items makes for the perfect date night! We often do that on a Friday evening. It's a nice way to unwind after a long week, and is much more intimate than a traditional meal. There's not much better than sitting at the kitchen counter with your partner, sipping a cocktail, and sharing a platter of finger food.

One final thought. Make a big batch of this, have some as a dip, then keep the leftovers to add to salads all week. It makes salads very exciting, adds great protein, and is a welcome sight in the fridge when you're pressed for time. Or spread it on a sandwich!

Is there anything that hummus doesn't belong on?? Hmm, I don't think so.

Carrot Dijon Hummus in a serving bowl

Share It!

It makes me so happy to hear from you and see your creations! Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this recipe. If you post a photo on Instagram, hashtag #TheRogueBrusselSprout and tag me (@TheRogueBrusselSprout) in the post text so that I'm sure to see it.

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Disclosure: Seeds of Collaboration is a long-term partner. I receive free product from Seeds of Collaboration and take a small commission on sales using the discount code. However, all opinions and thoughts are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep The Rogue Brussel Sprout running.

Carrot Dijon Hummus

This playful, colorful hummus is bursting with earthy carrots, tangy Dijon mustard, and a dash of sweet maple syrup to yield an addicting flavor profile. Enjoy it on a snack board, scooped onto salads, or spread onto your favorite sandwich!



For the Hummus

  • 3 medium-sized carrots
  • 15-oz can of chick peas, drained and rinsed
  • 0.25 c tahini
  • 1 tbsp coarse-grained Dijon mustard
  • 2 tsp maple syrup
  • 0.5 tsp sea salt
  • Generous grind of black pepper
  • Dash or more of olive oil as needed

For Garnishing

  • Drizzle of olive oil
  • Drizzle of maple syrup
  • Few dollops of Dijon mustard
  • Big handful of roasted salted pistachios
  • Sprinkle of sumac or paprika


  1. Peel the carrots and slice them into big chunks, then place them in a small pot.
  2. Cover the carrots with water and boil them for 15-20 minutes until very soft. Alternatively, you can steam them if you prefer. Either way, make sure they're super soft in order to create a creamy hummus. When the carrots are done cooking, drain them well.
  3. In a food processor, combine all the hummus ingredients (cooked carrots, chick peas, tahini, mustard, maple syrup, salt, and pepper). Process for several minutes until a smooth, creamy consistency develops, scraping down the sides as needed. If you have trouble getting a smooth hummus, add a splash of olive oil. Repeat as needed.
  4. Taste it! If you think it needs more zing, add more salt, pepper, and/or mustard. If you think it needs more richness, add a dash more oil or tahini. If you think it needs more sweetness, add a tiny bit more maple syrup.
  5. Transfer the hummus to a serving bowl. Add a big drizzle of olive oil, a little drizzle of maple syrup, and a dollop of Dijon mustard. Finish it off with some pistachios and a sprinkle of sumac.

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September 5, 2022
Hummus is a staple for us, and so much better homemade! I love the carrot addition! Saved this one to make next!
May 7, 2022
Loving this healthy app for spring. I often make hummus for when we entertain since the protein keeps people satisfied until dinner (which is always later than I plan...).
April 21, 2022
You are the queen of hummus and salads! This sounds amazing and adding carrots is a great idea!